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Red Dress Gala

Red Dress Gala is Alpha Phi's annual silent auction philanthropy event, held during spring semester. Families, friends and alumnae are invited to enjoy an elegant evening of food, drink and fun at a formal venue. All proceeds from Red Dress Gala benefit Alpha Phi Foundation.

In 2016, the Red Dress Gala was a huge success! We held a formal dinner, silent auction, raffle, and heart health speaker. We raised almost $10,000 for the  Alpha Phi Foundation.

 Letter from our Vice President of Marketing:

It’s simple. Go Red. Go red for courage, go red for hope, go red to find a cure for the #1 killer of women in America. Go red for cardiac care.

Delta Epsilon empowers our members to make a difference. Whether it is becoming hands-on CPR certified, making a team for the Johnson County Heart Walk, writing cards to women in the hospital, or raising money to ensure that all college campuses are equipped with AED's, Alpha Phi focuses on saving lives. We love to put on our best red dresses and dance the night away at our annual Red Dress Gala, but we also put on our parkas and walk the University of Iowa campus spreading the word about cardiac care in the middle of winter. We invite the  whole Iowa City community into our home every fall to eat breakfast with us, just so we can spread the word about heart health and its importance for all people alike. 

Alpha Phi gives power to the women of our chapter to make an impact. We host events not only to raise money but to raise awareness. Heart disease and related problems can target anyone at anytime. When a member of our chapter was hospitalized for heart complications, the women of our chapter got a glimpse of how much of a difference they are making. Something as simple as funding dinner for families in the hospital so they do not have to eat another cafeteria meal, to helping fund treatment made that difficult time for our member a little bit easier. The smallest actions can make the biggest impact. 

To be able to sit in a ballroom at Alpha Phi's annual leadership conference with Alpha Phi chapters from all over the Midwest was amazing, But, to be asked to accept multiple awards on the behalf of the Delta Epsilon chapter's philanthropic work was an honor. In 2015 Alpha Phi was awarded the "Top 5 Donating Chapter" and "Most Improved Donation". In the last five years the Delta Epsilon has donated over $100,000 to the Alpha Phi Foundation! These awards prove that what we are doing is making a difference. 

-Anne Fudenberg  



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